Saturday, 24 February 2018

On the mend

It’s so good to have the Fox back to something like normal. Yesterday he got up with a lightness, a brightness, around him. I think he’s finally shaken off the ‘flu. Admittedly he still tires easily but seems once more able to joke a bit, help out with the chores of life. The flu has taken it out of him. His resilience since his stroke & since he’s moved into his late 60s is not the same as it was when he was a young man.

Once more he’s eating properly. As a result I settled down to making a spag bol for today’s dinner with a certain amount of enthusiasm, reasonably confident it will be eaten.

We’ve still got some chores to do – get a new battery for my watch, collect the documents for our French holiday – but all the urgent stuff’s been done.

He was also much cheered to hear from the hospital about a Dermatology appointment next week. There’s been a cancellation so could he go in? He grabbed the appointment, in the hope something more effective will be prescribed for him before we go away. Although his rash has largely dried up, waves of new ones keep popping up, especially where his clothes rub against his skin e.g. on his legs & arms. Now he’s feeling less fluey he’s once more aware of the itches. So here’s hoping.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Heading in the right direction

Another beautiful day. We seem to have had quite a run of them. Unfortunately, with the Fox being ill, we’ve not been able to make the most of them & had a day out. The last couple of days have turned colder with very heavy frosts but at least the sun is shining, giving a glow to the world. You can always wrap up against the cold.

Yesterday the Fox managed to venture out once more. We collected our prescriptions first, then went on to the library. By the time we were done there the Fox had about had it. We decided to just get some milk from the local Coop, then go down to the village pub for a meal. I’m relieved to say the Fox more or less finished his whole meal – lamb shank & mash. To be honest what was left was some honey roasted carrots that were so hard he couldn’t even get his fork in them. I did the same.

While we were deciding what to eat, a friend came over. We hadn’t gone into our usual room & so he’d thought he had somehow inadvertently offended us. We assured him no, it was just that we were going to eat so the more restaurant part seemed more appropriate, on top of which we were trying to avoid giving our friends the Fox’s flu. He went away, understanding & relieved.

As on the day before, the Fox went for a couple of hours’ lie-down to recover from his exertions.

At least these little outings do not seem to have had an adverse effect on the Fox. He’s still heading in the right direction. Today we’re hoping to get to Morrisons & get some of the list of basics we seem to be running out of. In particular there’s things like coffee & tissues. I’m hoping to get a bit of fresh cod to bake in some mushroom soup for dinner today or tomorrow.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

A trip out

The Fox is still not right. However, yesterday he did feel a lot brighter. So much so we decided to pop along to the golf club & have a meal there.

We were just looking at the menu & trying to decide what to have when our friends arrived. I hastily went to meet them & discourage them from joining us. He is in his late 70s & due to go in for an operation on Monday. The last thing he needs is ‘flu, especially at this time. I reassured them it wasn’t anything personal. Normally we would be delighted to see them, but with the Fox being under the weather, possibly still infectious, we feel it would be best if they sat elsewhere. They got the hint, with no ill feelings.

Eventually we decided on what to eat – scampi & chips for me, a tuna mayo sandwich & a bowl of chips for the Fox. I’m relieved to say he could taste properly, & enjoy, his small meal, even though, even with my assistance, most of the chips were left. It was a relief for me not to have to think about cooking or washing up for once.

The short trip was enough to knock out the Fox. He returned home & went straight to bed for a lie down of a couple of hours. He was exhausted. However, I think the trip, just seeing something different, did much for his morale.

Today, as I said yesterday, I will have to venture out. The library books & jigsaws need to go back & something new to be found. We also need some milk for teas. Whether I just go in the local shop, a few shops away from the library, or we go to Morrisons for a bigger shop, I’m not sure. I can easily get to the library on my mobility scooter. Both library & local shop, can be got round on my scooter. However, if the Fox feels up to it, we would get more shopping from the bigger supermarket. Much depends on whether he feels up to venturing out again so soon & for so long. It may be wiser to go on to the chemist for our medical supplies rather than worrying about doing much food shopping. Small things I can easily buy from the local small shops.

I will be so relieved when he’s better & life can get back to normal. I’m so relieved I’m not showing any signs of ‘flu. Yet anyhow.