Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Summer spirits

Our tablet course finished yesterday. It was only for three sessions. Necessarily it was only a superficial look at things but nonetheless the Fox & I feel more confident about using our tablet for things other than playing games, enjoyable as that can be. Now we feel we may take our tablet on holiday to maybe write my blog there, to give you the freshness of my impressions. That is assuming we can get free wifi somewhere. It won’t be on the cruise where I seem to remember wifi access is extremely expensive.

Yesterday was also the day of my home help coming. We had a stroll in the garden. She loved the white lilac with its sweet smell. She enjoyed the wisteria scent too. She was stunned by the large pink clematis, asking if she could take a photo of it. Further up she could see the yellow poppies hiding in the midst of other plants On the way back she was stopped to smell the rowan blossoms, so frothy looking – smells fishy she thought, & she was right! She also went round to the walled garden area where the troilus, globe flower, brightened the dark shady corner with its golden balls.
The clematis
While she was here, the phone went. The usual friends we meet at the pub on Wednesday have invited us round to their place, to have a sit in their garden as it is so sunny at the moment.

All in all I’m feeling in good spirits. The sun always suits me better. The sun is bringing out all the colours in the garden as so many plants burst into flower. The Fox’s itches are easing for the moment, though whether that will last we’re less certain. We’ve been invited out by friends. What more can you ask for.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Will it ever end?

The sun is shining. It’s really beginning to feel warm. Most of the washing has already dried.

In the garden the lilac is in full bloom & smelling sweetly. The wisteria is beginning to open up – the first time ever, so we’re quite excited. Everything is looking lush.

The Fox’s new medication is having some effect. The patches on his arms, legs & face seem paler, less angry looking. His hands remain looking as though he’d put them through some sort of mangle & very uncomfortable. The worst of it is that he inevitably uses his hands so much – helping cooking, washing up, holding things, writing – they just don’t have a chance to heal up. I’m hoping this sunshine might help. He did seem a lot better when he was in the warmth in the French sunshine in March.

I put the radio on earlier on. It still seems to be dominated by the royal wedding. I thought it was bad enough yesterday but still it goes on. I’m beginning to wonder if it will ever end.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

The royal wedding

There’s no getting away from it. It’s royal wedding day.

Yesterday we went up to the surgery to see yet another doctor about the Fox’s rash. He’s got yet more pills. His rash on his hands is now infected so he’s got some penicillin for that, antihistamines for the itchiness, some steroids for the eczema & some pills to line his stomach so it shouldn’t be too upset by all these new pills. As a result he now has an extra 12 tablets a day all with differing rules as to how to take them, some with, some without food. As our gardener commented, with all those pills it will be amazing if he still feels hungry enough to eat anything.

Anyhow on the way back, I couldn’t help noticing the row of shops bedecked with union jacks & bunting in red white & blue.

Last night I watched the early evening news – the royal wedding. I went to bed & put the radio on – the royal wedding. First thing this morning I put the radio on – the royal wedding. It was quite a relief when the FA Cup final got a mention. But we were soon back to the royal wedding.

I’ve already checked the Radio Times. On the BBC1 & ITV it’s the royal wedding all morning with highlights later in the day. Radio 4 doesn’t start until 11.30am but I’m confident there will be plenty of mention before then as there already has been on the “Today” programme. It’s almost impossible to get away from the subject.

It’s not that I’ve anything against them getting married. Everyone should have the chance of happiness that a good marriage can bring. I wish them well. It’s just all this fuss that gets to me. I may put the TV on later, more to see the fashions than anything else but I’m certainly not starting this early.

One thing I will say, they do seem to have chosen a perfect day weather-wise. The sun is shining here. Everything is glistening while at the same time it is still cool enough for there to be a freshness in the air. Indeed I may well decide to take a book outside & sit to read & so avoid the wedding altogether.